Art by Sarah Esen

About Me

Hi! I am a British artist living in the South East of England and have always loved drawing. From a very young age I would be at my happiest with a pencil in my hand, pad in the other, sketching away and becoming totally submerged in the developing pencil lines. In 2012, I started taking my artwork a step further other than just a hobby and began creating drawings for other people aswell. My second lifelong passion for horses combined with my love of drawing results in a speciality for equine portraits.

Horses are such wonderful animals that can teach you a lot about yourself and I love to capture their beauty as accurately as I can in a portrait. Putting pencil to paper and creating an original, unique piece of magic for someone is simply a great, satisfying feeling.



''The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched'' ~ Helen Keller 



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