Art by Sarah Esen

"Sarah, I can't believe the detail you have put into on it. I feel like he is looking right at me. You have done something so special for me thank so, so much. There are not words good enough to describe how good the drawing is and what it means to me." ~ KA, Turkey


"Your drawing looks more like the horse than the reference photo does, and that's saying something! And how you captured his essence!  I showed the photos to my mom, and she loves it too." ~ SN, USA


''It is fantastic. Thank you so very much!'' ~ JW, UK


''It's perfect! I've have so many lovely comments about the drawing. Several happy tears have been shed too!'' ~ KP, UK


''It's absolutely amazing! Thank you so, so, sooo much!'' ~ KM, UK


"I don't know what to say, it is absolutely mind blowing, perfect! You are so talented and have made her come to life in your work, thank you!" ~ KR, UK





More reviews coming soon!

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